No scope for human errors:

Entire process is fully computerized, leaving no scope for human errors. RJC Concrete is manufactured under fully automatic, computer-controlled, operations. High Quality
Sophisticated plant & lab enables Rjc conretes to keep strict control over quality of the final product as well as the ingredients which has to be strictly tested regularly. Site mixed concrete, is of poor control on quality of ingredients & mixing proportion

Ultimate Technical solution:
RJC provide round the clock technical and personnel backup services for our products with our team of dedicated professionals - with quick, reliable and user specific solutions. If you are experiencing difficulties in concreting , RJC team will work with you to give you the most appropriate solution We have the proven capacity and capability to provide the ULTIMATE SOLUTION.

Own quarries & crushers:
We also ventured in to aggregates business and operates large quarries and crushers. So very less chances of scarcity for material availability and also possible to get the material as per the technical specification.

Professional work force that is committed and motivated :
RJC is professionally systematic in its work force & their responcibility to give 100% customer satisfaction from the very first enquiry to forever.

Speed of work:
by our Sophisticated 60 m3/hour plant, We can assure 75% of full capacity , that is 45 m3/hour to the customer

Commitment of prompt delivery:
RJC concrete is transported and placed at site using sophisticated equipment and methods. We enhance the speedy construction through our programmed delivery to the site by a fleet of our transit mixers.

Efficient pumping :
With our fleet of high capacity pumps we can commit faster & efficient pumping to longer distance & high rise structures.

Commitment of mass pourings:
A very big stock yard for aggregates, and also very big cement godown will help to commit large quantity concreting which needs a huge quantity of stock of meterials like aggregates, sand , cement before starting the job.

Mobile Service Team :
For the excellence in Commitment, If any mechanical problem comes, Our service van with our service team will reach within short time to the work site.

The Best Service and support:
RJC is committed to give you the ultimate pre and post sales support . Excellence in product quality and support service, leading to strong relationship with customers.

Integrity and Transparency:
RJC is an organized player in the Indian concrete market assuring complete transparency and product performance to customers across the country. Information, Test reports and communications to be clear, simple and without ambiguity.RJC assure a complete transparency in its business with their employees and clients.

Innovations and Ethical behavior:
Fostering creativity, innovation and teamwork amongst employees and associates. Fairness and honesty in transactions and in dealing with fellow colleagues, customers, vendors and society.

Teamwork: We value our people above everything else. We are committed to their development and to appreciating their contribution. By working together we can achieve anything.