Transit Mixers

Transit mixers are made to transport the concrete up to the construction site. The transit mixers maintains the material's liquid state through agitation, or turning of the drum, until delivery. The interior of the drum on a concrete mixing truck is fitted with a spiral blade. In one rotational direction, the concrete is pushed deeper into the drum. This is the direction the drum is rotated while the concrete is being transported to the construction site. When the drum rotates in the other direction, the spiral blade or screw type arrangement "discharges", or forces the concrete out of the drum. From there it may go onto chutes to guide the viscous concrete directly to the job site. If the truck cannot get close enough to the site to use the chutes, the concrete may be discharged into a concrete pump which provides the means to move the material to precise locations.

RJC is always Committed to prompt delivery: For enhance the speedy construction through our programmed delivery to the site by a fleet of our transit mixers.

This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites. Apart from various grades of concrete like M5 to M60 , RJC also offers special types of Ready mix concrete like,