Concrete Pump

Entire process is fully computerized, leaving no scope for human errors.
All the raw materials are stacked in separate bins and are stored under cover so that aggregates are not exposed to direct sunlight and environment pollution All constituent materials are inspected, tested and systematically stored. The supply is constantly monitored to ensure quality consistency.

Separate weigh-batchers are provided for each ingredient like cement, water, admixtures and aggregates. The weighing is done on sophisticated electronic weigh batchers. Precise weighing of all materials is done through electronic load cells made up of special alloys.

A fully equipped onsite laboratory is available at each plant.
A Sprinkler system is installed to ensure temperature control of aggregates in hot weather.
Pperiodic maintenance of critical components. and Weekly calibration
Well trained and experienced engineers are available at every plant to take care of the quality of concrete.